Become a Social Worker in 30 Months.


Program Sequence

The online 60-credit hour Master of Social Work is designed to be completed in two and a half years. Students can start in January or August of each year. The program consists of 30 credits of foundation coursework and 30 credits of concentration coursework. For students with more time available, the Accelerated Plan will allow you to progress quicker toward graduation. Under the Accelerated Plan, students take 3 classes at a time during most semesters. The courses are the same as those in the Standard Plan; only the number of courses taken per semester changes.

The course sequence for this program is as follows:

60 Credit Hour Program - Course Sequence Credit
Semester 1
Professional Social Work 3
Human Diversity and Societal Oppression 3
Human Lifespan Development 3
Semester 2
Theory, Practice, and Evaluation with Individuals 3
Social Work Research Methods 3
Semester 3
Theory, Practice, & Evaluation with Families and Groups 3
Social Work Practicum I 3
Policy Practice in Social Work: Analysis & Advocacy 3
Semester 4
Theory, Practice and Evaluation with Communities and Organizations 3
Elective 3
Social Work Practicum II 3
Semester 5
Client Centered Direct Practice 3
Elective - 8 week 3
Semester 6
Social Work Practicum III 6
Elective - 8 week 3
Macro Systems in Practice 3
Semester 7
Social Work Practicum IV 6
Integrative Seminar 3
Total Credits 60

Focus on Practical Learning Experience

The University of Oklahoma's Field Education offices coordinate placements in over 300 affiliated agencies, offering students direct learning experiences with individuals, families, groups, and communities. Field Coordinators work with the students, sites, field instructors and liaisons to ensure that quality field education occurs. In general, students are oriented to the practicum process, participate in planning for practicum, interview with agencies, and secure their placements. The student’s interests, personal needs, and educational levels all figure in to their approved placement. Practicum placements occur in a wide range of setting types, such as: Health, Children and Family, Correction, Community-Based, Public Health and Assistance, Disabilities, and Policy. 

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Course Descriptions (MSW)

Examples of courses students can take: